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Kim Chaussee of Stack Metallurgical

Kim Chaussee

Bob Moore of Stack Metallurgical

Bob Moore

Nels Plough of Stack Metallurgical

Nels Plough

Ship To Address:
5938 N Basin Avenue
Portland, OR 97217 
Ship to Address:
5938 N Basin Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

Mailing / Billing Address:
P.O. Box 17176
Portland, OR 97217-0176

  Phone: 503-285-7703
Office Fax: 503-285-2785
Shipping Fax: 503-286-5681
Customer Service 
Kim Chaussee, 503-737-1300
  Accounts Receivable

Request a quote
Fax: 503/285-2785

  Check on order status
Kim Chaussee, 503/737-1300
Schedule a pickup
Bob Moore, 503/737-1307 
  Schedule an order for processing
Kim Chaussee, 503/737-1300 
Send a purchase order
  Completed order price
Kim Chaussee, 503/737-1300
Requests for certifications
Nels Plough, 503/737-1312


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