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Kim Chaussee of Stack Metallurgical

Kim Chaussee

Bob Moore of Stack Metallurgical

Bob Moore

Nels Plough of Stack Metallurgical

Nels Plough

Kendra Nelson of Stack Metallurgical

Kendra Nelson

Greg Busey of Stack Metallurgical

Greg Busey

Andrew Duddy of Stack Metallurgical

Andrew Duddy

Ship To Address:
5938 N Basin Avenue
Portland, OR 97217 
Ship to Address:
5938 N Basin Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

Mailing / Billing Address:
P.O. Box 17176
Portland, OR 97217-0176

  Phone: 503-285-7703
Office Fax: 503-285-2785
Shipping Fax: 503-286-5681
Customer Service 
Kim Chaussee, 503-737-1300
  Accounts Receivable

Request a quote
Fax: 503/285-2785

  Check on order status
Kim Chaussee, 503/737-1300
Schedule a pickup
Bob Moore, 503/737-1307 
  Schedule an order for processing
Kim Chaussee, 503/737-1300 
Send a purchase order
  Completed order price
Kim Chaussee, 503/737-1300
Requests for certifications
Nels Plough, 503/737-1312
Quality Manager
Greg Busey, 503/737-1332
  Vice President
Kendra Nelson, 503/737-1337
Andrew Duddy, 503/737-1338


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