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STEVE HEADY, 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Steve started at Stack with no prior knowledge of heat treating and within a few years had become one of our more relied upon and informed operators. Steve is always willing to lend a hand, accept a call during his off hours to answer questions for a less seasoned coworker or bend your ear about the latest adventures of his dogs. Thank you, Steve, for all you do and congratulations on this milestone anniversary!


DAVID LONGORIA, 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – David is one of several in the Longoria family that have been hired by Stack! One brother and two in-laws are still with us today. It was 1997 when David started in our Endothermic/Aluminum Department and within five years had moved to a Foreman position. Over time the two areas of heat treat grew then split and David became the Aluminum Department Lead. He has a knack for keeping the work flowing smoothly through the department. Thank you, David, all your efforts are greatly appreciated. Congratulations on 20 Years!


KENDRA NELSON, 30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Kendra joined Stack as the Office Manager in 1987 when the company was not quite 4 years in business, her responsibilities have grown as the company has expanded. Over her 30 years she has been involved at many levels, wearing several hats. Responsibilities include managing the financial aspects of the company, switching gears to cover human resource related issues and she has always been involved with the IT needs of the company overseeing both hardware and software customization and implementation. It is not uncommon for all her different hats to be worn in a single day. In 2013 she was promoted to Vice President, Administration. Kendra is our second employee to reach this milestone 30th Anniversary. Congratulations and Thank You!


60x60 6-BAR VACUUM CAPACITY ADDED - Over the past couple of years we have been working on adding two new Ipsen bottom load furnaces to our capabilities. Bringing on these new furnaces required quite a bit of infrastructure improvement, one of our largest undertakings to date. Have a need for larger vacuum loads? Send your request to or reach out to Kim Chaussee, Customer Service, to arrange for more information.


BRAD KAUFMAN, 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Brad first came to Stack in 1997 and worked as an operator in our Vacuum Department. Since this was pretty much his first job he jumped at the chance to do a different kind of work to “see what else was out there” and left in November of 1999. By February he had decided maybe the grass isn’t always greener and applied to come back. He stayed for several years, moving up the ranks as his knowledge of vacuum heat treating increased, eventually promoting to Vacuum Department Production Manager. He left in 2006 to pursue a different line of work but again returned in 2007. Brad is a dedicated worker and an extremely knowledgeable heat treater. As a manger he is well liked by those on the floor as he worked his way up from the bottom and understands the challenges. Brad became the Production Manager overseeing the entire shop floor in 2015. Thank you for all the years of service!


KIM CHAUSSEE, 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Kim has become the “voice” of Stack. If you have a question about an upcoming order or something that’s already in process you have talked or e-mailed with Kim. Whether its Customer Service, scheduling an order, doing a status check, among several other duties, it’s Kim who will help you out and get your questions answered. As of February, 2017, she has also taken on the responsibility of providing quotes to our customers. She has been instrumental in creating a standard and then streamlining the process with current technologies to get responses back to the customer quickly and efficiently. Kim, you are a valued member of the Stack team and all you do is greatly appreciated!


NELS PLOUGH, 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Nels came on board in 1997 as our Metallurgist and within 3 years found himself our Operations Manager; he would sometimes comment it felt like being pushed into the deep end. Well we thought we’d see if he could swim, and in 2005 he was promoted to General Manager and in 2006, President. Over the years he has successfully steered the company through both changes and challenges. Keep swimming, Nels - we hope to have you for at least another 20 years! Congratulations and thank you!


STACK SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS – This is the fourth year Stack has awarded scholarships. To meet eligibility the parent must have worked for Stack for at least 5 years; students must maintain a high standard GPA. The 2017-2018 Scholarship first time recipients are:

Hector Castillo-Hernandez, attending Western Washington University. Hector had an impressive High School career that included National Honors Society, playing soccer as well as performing in the Orchestra. At Western he is looking to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. His father, Hector Castillo, is a Heat Treater in our Aluminum Department.

Mariah Longoria, attending Oregon State University. Mariah was very active in multiple sports throughout high school, Captain of the Soccer team and Varsity Track & Field as well as achieving Honor Roll every year. This is her first year of scholarship eligibility and she is in her second year of college, leaning towards a degree in Criminology. Her mother, Sharlyn Longoria, is part of our Quality Department and has just this year met the 5-year employment requirement.


MIKE SOWARDS, 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Mike joined our Maintenance team back in 2012. He brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience that has proved valuable time and again as he works to keep our equipment up and running. Thanks, Mike, for all you do!


SHARLYN LONGORIA, 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – Sharlyn joined the Quality Department at Stack starting as an inspector in 2012. Soon after she received her Certified Inspector credentials. In late 2013 a Lab Tech Lead position was created and Sharlyn promoted into that role. From there she directed the work flow of parts through the lab and also was trained in, and responsible for, doing microhardness testing. Just recently in addition to continuing to schedule the work flow through the lab she has promoted to processing Certification paperwork. Sharlyn goes out of her way to recognize and thank those who assist her, she also participates in providing improvement ideas. She brings a fun and positive attitude to the entire company. Thank you for all you do and congratulations on your milestone anniversary!


QUALITY MANAGER UPDATE – Greg Busey has been named Quality Manager effective 01/20/17. He had been filling this role on an interim basis during 2016 and the company decided it was well deserved to make the appointment official. Greg has over 30 years working at Stack and holds a wealth of knowledge throughout many aspects of the business. The Quality Team fully supports this choice and looks forward to having the stability that Greg provides. Congratulations on your promotion, Greg!

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